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We are pleased to bring to you TrustPoll Election, a new addition to our TrustPoll family, for deployment at important meetings of clubs, communities, charities, associations and organisations where voting is called for. An example is the conducting of Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of your organisation.

With this new system, We are able to cater to multiple voting of candidates, which is a common requirement for the election of office-bearers or committee members. As it is a fully-electronised system, the computation of voting results is instantaneous and accurate. Thus, you would no longer have to count the voting slips manually.

We understand that organisations have different requirements for their general meetings. Therefore, TrustPoll Election offers the flexibility to customise the system according to your needs and ensures that a meaningful service experience is delivered.

In our pilot rollout in July 2014, the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) successfully made use of the system to conduct its AGM.

Besides carrying out the voting of routine resolutions at an AGM, the system enabled NCSS to conduct multiple voting of candidates as office-bearers in a single poll and subsequently arranged the candidates in order of the number of votes cast. This method of automated voting and votes sorting saved NCSS a tremendous amount of time as chances of human error in manual counting and the time spent on checking by scrutineers are reduced.

You can place your trust in our services as we promise reliability, effectiveness and speed in registration & results computation.

The TrustPoll Advantage

  • We are a home-grown company, locally domiciled and with our core IT expertise residing in Singapore. Owing to our local IT presence, we are more responsive to and can support changing regulatory and customers' needs by enhancing our system to meet compliance requirements and companies’ practices in a timely manner.
  • We are continually enhancing our system not only to meet regulatory needs but also to address clients’ needs while incorporating best practices.
  • Our excellent track record provides assurance to clients on our service reliability, integrity and credibility.
  • We strive to deliver our services at prices that are competitive in the market
  • As we have an in-house IT team to develop our software, we are able to address any clients’ concern in a prompt manner.

Key Features of TrustPoll Election for Clubs & Associations
  • Real-time registration and poll voting system
  • Integrates seamless end-to-end process from registration/ attendance of members and representatives (if any) to the voting process, prompt results display and report generation
  • Multi-proxy environment can be handled effectively
  • Various vote weighting can be set for selected members with higher vote weighting
  • Abstain from voting can be set to exclude certain members from voting
  • Able to consolidate paper and online votes into the computation of final results
  • Identity of attendee linked directly to the keypad issued upon registration
  • Ensures voting rights of members are accurately captured and attendance is updated live at point of registration
  • Enables multiple selection of candidates standing for election in single poll
  • 100% accurate and prompt results display of votes cast showing both number and percentage of votes cast
  • Flexibility of enhancement to cater for different organisations’ requirements
  • Comprehensive reports (in PDF, Word and Excel format), including Attendance, Poll Result Reports and Key Press Audit Trail
  • Wireless connection with secured, patented and proprietary radio protocol