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The amendments to the SGX-ST Listing Manual Rule 730(A)(2) requires Singapore listed companies and trusts to conduct voting by poll at general meetings.

The new rule, intended to enhance transparency of the voting process and encourage greater shareholder participation, will come into effect from 1 August 2015.

In January 2010, we became the first local company in Singapore to develop and successfully launch the electronic poll voting system 'TrustPoll Plus' to facilitate efficient registration and poll voting at general meetings. The system has been developed in consultation with an established law firm to meet the local regulatory environment.

We are now the leading service provider of electronic poll voting in Singapore. TrustPoll Plus has serviced over 80 listed companies including local banks and financial institutions, industrial conglomerates, and REITs at more than 300 general meetings with success.

We are also able to service for general meetings of clubs, associations, societies, chambers of commerce etc. The National Council of Social Services (NCSS) has used our TrustPoll services for their AGM in 2014.

We has been granted a Singapore Patent for its Corporate Voting System
(Patent No. 167696)


  • Proxy Data Entry with Proxy Summary Report
  • Registration of shareholders, proxies, observers and invitees
  • Scrutineering service from independent audit firms and companies


We are a home-grown company, locally domiciled and with our core IT expertise residing in Singapore. Owing to our local IT presence, we are more responsive to and can support changing regulatory and customers' needs by enhancing our system to meet compliance requirements and companies’ practices in a timely manner.

We are continually enhancing our system not only to meet regulatory needs but also to address clients’ needs while incorporating best practices.

Our excellent track record provides assurance to clients on our service reliability, integrity and credibility.

We strive to deliver our services at prices that are competitive in the market.

As we have an in-house IT team to develop our software, we are able to address any clients’ concern in a prompt manner.


Companies based in Singapore can enjoy 400% tax deductions/ allowances and/ or 60% cash payout when they engage in our ePolling solutions.

You may visit the IRAS website for more information.

Features of TrustPoll Plus:
  • Real-time registration and poll voting system
  • Integrates seamless end-to-end process from registration/attendance of shareholders and proxies to the voting process, prompt results display and report generation
  • Identity of attendee linked directly to the keypad issued upon registration
  • Keypad displays shareholders’ name and holdings
  • Prompt display of resolution number on keypad during polling
  • Vote response acknowledgement on keypad
  • Automated display of the names of proposers and/or seconders for each resolution
  • Able to setup abstained list to disallow specific shareholders from voting certain resolutions
  • 100% accurate and prompt result display of votes cast on Power Point slide
  • Patented poll voting system ensures voting rights of shareholders and instructions to proxies are accurately captured and shareholder/proxy attendance is updated live
  • More than 10 comprehensive reports (in PDF, Word and Excel format), including SGX Announcement, Attendance and Poll Result Reports
  • Wireless connection with secured, patented and proprietary radio protocol
  • Reviewed by independent bodies discharging their roles as scrutineers at general meetings

Our corporate clients include: